List of thesis title and feasibility

List of Thesis BEED/BSED

Year Title Author(s) Course No.
2018 Correlation of Parents and Children’s Home Economic Competencies in Technology and Livelihood Education Castanas, Mary Jane M.

Daguro, Rhoanne Mae C.

Laguartilla, Jenelyn A.

2018 The Relationship of Personality Types on the Learning Styles of Students in The Higher Education Department Alladel, Abigail Jessica C,

Japor, Richzielley Beryl C.

BSE-Values Education 149
2018 Language Proficiency Workbook: Its Effect in the Communicative Skills of Skills of the Students Gallardo, Maria Concepcion D.

Grayda, Mc Kedrick S.

Roque, Angela Nicole L.

BSE-English 148
2018 G.L.O.W.E (Generating Light on Wind Energy): An Aid to the Livelihood of Pedicab Drivers Cabigunda, Claudine R.

Fuentes, Mara Micca M.

2018 Parental Involvement in Selected School Activities Dequina, Nicky Allan L.

Lagsit, Joshua Benjie B.

Vargas, Jovel P.

BEED 146
2018 Factors Influencing the Food Preference of Selected Students of Quezon National High School Ortiz, Joelyn E.

Ricalde, Lea Marie

Sancho, Rosalie R.

2018 Observable Filipino Values Among Maryhill College Students Duria, Jessica Jean G.

Glorioso, Maricon B.

BSE-Values Education 144
2018 Leadership Personality Inventory of Student Leaders in the Lower Basic Education Department De Dios, Jenny P.

Palermo, Len Arnie A.

Salido, Richie C.

BEED 143
2018 Comparison of Cow Manure and Pig Manure in Planting Vegetable-Bearing Plants Andal, Jan Marie L.

Barlan, Jaysuefhel L.

Mendoza, Everlyn A.

BSE-Biological Science 142
2018 Learner’s Social Issues: A Comparative Study Abainza, Marly Q.

Aguilar, Michelle B.

De Castro, Abegail E.

BEED 141
2018 Acceptability of Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies (PEC’S) for Desk Learning Package for K to 12 Students Cabuya, Rheagean L.

De Torres, John Rae C.

Morales, Kier F.

2018 Development and Acceptability of E-Learning Materials in Cookery Jaca, Clarecel M.

Lagrama, Kia

2018 Cooperative Learning Approach in the Teaching Cookery Among Grade 9 Students Ortiz, Nathalie P.

Pimentel, Angela Nicole

Portugal, Shalaine S.

2018 Performance-Based Assessment among Grade 12 Students of Senior High School Stand Alone in Cookery Bautista, Claudine A.

Dimailig, Laisa Andrea L.

Ungriano, Egypt R.

2018 Compliance to the Basic Traffic Laws of the Citizens of Lucena City Abellanida, Albert P.

Herrera, Irene J.

Loberio, Kim Cyrille M.

BSE-Social Studies 136
2018 Assessment of Higher order Thinking Skills of TLE Students:  A Proposed Qualifying Assessment Material Cabangon, George Geramel M.

Lacuarin, Aldrin Joseph F.

Belen, Julie Anne O.

2018 Factors Affecting Non-Alcoholic Beverage Consumption as Correlations to School Performance of Maryhill College Students Lariosa, Ma. Janela O.

Lorilla, Cindee P.

Pagaduan, Dawn Mae V.

2018 Computer Technology as a Medium of Instruction in Teaching Bread and Pastry for Selected Grade 9 Students in Quezon National High School Melarpis, Rica D.

Oreto, Monique G.

Presas, Alysa T.

2018 ICT Skills Proficiency of Secondary School Teacher as Basis for Electronic Resources Materials Co, Samuel Ian Y.

Ibbarola, Mervin Clark Siegfred B.

Lat, Mc Lyruss Jay N.

2018 Assessment of Violent Online Games on the Aggression of the Youth Anielsanto, Odessa E.

Oreste, Katrina Joy F.

Roxas, Lordine Marie D.

BEED 131
2018 Utilization of Nursery Rhymes in Enhancing Pronunciation Skills of Grade One Pupils Aguilar, Dessa Cariza Lean P.

Ramos, Glaze Carmel C.

Remiendo, Jurizza Mae B.

BEED 130
2018 Students’ Level of Knowledge and Witnessing to the Marian Virtues Alcantara, Diana Rose M.

Buo, Romnick T.

De Ramos, Maurine A.

BSE-Values Education 129
2018 Level of Awareness on Cultural Heritage of Quezon Province Enverga, Queenie Wein U.

Tabernilla, Gayle Erika Mae P.

De Guzman, Katrina-Ann P.

BSE-Social Studies 128
2018 Predictors of Success in the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) of Maryhill College BSED Students for AY 2014-2016 Garbulo, Cherry Lyn G.

Gilbuena, Reilyn V.

Lusanta, Leenite V.

BSE-Social Studies 127
2018 A Comparative Study on the Effectiveness of Teaching Social Studies Using Technology-Aided Instruction and Modular Instruction Adame, Arjun V.

Faller, Baby Lyka E.

Pabelonia, Erick V.

BSE-Social Studies 126
2018 Language Proficiency Workbook: Its Effect in the Communicative Skills of the Students Gallardo, Maria Concepcion D.

Grayda, Mc Kendrick S.

Roque, Angela Nicole L.

BSED-English 125
2018 Water Quality Between Ground and Surface Water and its level of Contamination Alcoreza, Elijah Bianca S.

Panganiban, Carmel Victoria Xenia A.

Patanayan, Joelina A.

BSE-Biological Science 124
2018 Development of Video Material in Preparing Sandwiches Among Grade 12 Students of Senior High School Stand Alone in Cookery Bagulbagul, Mhaynelle

Mallari, Marla Zaira

Noblefranca, Vanessa

2018 The Implementation of 4A’s and DLL: an Evaluation Paradero, Eric Q.

Dequito, Mary Dimpe C.

BSED-English 122
2018 Enhancing the Vocabulary proficiency of the selected Grade VII Students of Quezon National High School Through Computer Language Game Application Recana, Jenny Rose M.

Refazo, Khrysstine Zhaira

Umali, Mary Grace B.

BSED-English 121
2018 Utilization and Applicability of Science for Active Minds 6 Textbook in teaching science in Public Elementary School Ferrer, Chevy Ann C.

Idea, Rose Ann Dominy

BEED 120
2018 Level of Competence in Using Mother Tongue Basis for Mother Tongue Based Instruction Materials Cabriga, Janine D.

Librando, Glensy V.

Mandigman, Sherilyn Mae S.

BEED 119
2018 Preference on Tech-Voc Programs of Selected Grade 10 Students of Gulang Gulang National High School Basis for Promotional Materials on Tech-Voc Strands De Mesa, Rosette A.

Catamco, Vince Dekimbe

2018 Caregiving Program in the Alternative Learning System (ALS Education): An assessment De Chavez, Jessa M.

De Los Reyes, Rea P.

Noblezala, Maebelle L.

2018 Prezi Presentation as An Alternative Tool in Teaching Selected Topics in TLE Escarlan, Lenie H.

Herrera, Aira A.

Leonardo, Anamae C.

2018 GRASP (Graders Reading Advancement Supplemental Protocol): Its Impact on Learners Reading Competency Ella, Ma. Teresa D.

Picardal, Marydel Q.

Zeta, Roxanne Joyce S.

BEED 115
2018 Relationship of Household Responsibilities on the Academic Preparedness and Co-Curricular Activities of Selected Grade 7 Students Pereda, Berna Grace T.

Torres, Aireen V.

Zubieta, Florence Mae

2018 Students’ Interest in Computer Games as Correlates to their Mastery in Microsoft Office Applications Paglicawan, Aizel V.

Rioflorido, Criselda M.

Roxas, Ellyza G.

2018 Inview Approach E-Module As An Alternative Pedagogical Tool in Enhancing Reading Comprehension Alabastro, Dyan Lyn H.

Cartina, Maricar C.

Manrique, Jacqueline May N.

BSED-English 112
2018 Application of Authentic Assessment as Integrated to Various Subjects Among Grade II Students (Cotta National High School) Bagalay, Regie R.

Hubilla, Jean Myca P.

Rosales, Joan V.

BSED-English 111
2018 Enhancing L2 Vocabulary Acquisition Through Corpus-Based Data Driven Learning and Teaching Pedagogy De Guzman, Clara M.

Formaran, France John C.

Militante, Jalen V.

BSED-English 110
2018 Enhancing Students Level of Reading Comprehension Through the Application of K-W-L Plus H Strategy: Basis for a Propose Module for Teaching Reading Alcantara, Diana Maey M.

Magno, Crizandra T.

Naag, Camille R.

BSED-English 109
2018 Level of Listening Skills Using Digital and Live Story Telling Among Grade two Learners of Lucena East II Elementary School Deo, Lynette P.

Luistro, Maricel E.

Samillano, Charlotte V.

BEED 108
2018 IRA (Incremental Rehearsal Approach): A Teachers Technique for Improving Students Spelling Skills in English Amon, Jasmin T.

Paral, Aivy Mae T.

Sy, Laurice R.

BEED 107
2018 Powtoon As a Supplementary Tool in Teaching Science Among Grade 3 Pupils Emprese, Suzette R.

Falcutila, Rhealy B.

Mendoza, Kendy C.

BEED 106
2018 Youtube As a Learning Tool in Teaching Language Arts Caraballido, Archinel B.

Ladiana, Jessa O.

Manlapas, Rica M.

BEED 105
2018 PALS (Peer Assisted Learning Strategy: Enhancing the Multiplication Skills of Grade 3 Pupils Joei Airiz, Cagalpin

Durante, Reinna Trina D.

Magayanes, Jheraldine P.

BEED 104
2018 AM (Authentic Materials): An Alternative Instructional Tool in Developing Macro Skills Base, Clarisse Joy M.

Genato, Marichelle M.

Gonzales, Angela M.

BEED 103
2018 Guhit+Drama+Istorya= GuDrals: An Alternative Technique in Solving Word Problems Garay, May Ann Rhea L.

Martinez, Angelica Louise H.

BEED 102
2016 Stakeholders’ Level of Satisfaction on the Students Services of Maryhill College: Basis for An Evaluative Instrument Cruz, Arjene U.

Pelaez, Lea Angele

BEED 101
2016 A Retrospective Study of the LET Performance Rating of Maryhill College in the Academic Year 2011-2014: Basis for a Summer LET Review Program Apolinar, Toni Rose Angela P.

Castillejo, Lygia Erika U.

BEED 100
2014 Perceived Level of Proficiency on Stress, intonation and Articulation among Third Year High School: Basis for Developmental Program Leyola, Sarah Jane D. BSED-English 99
2015 Proposed English Entrance Exam: Basis of English Enhancement Program for Incoming First Year High School Students of Maryhill College, S.Y. 2015-2016 Monreal, Cristina BSED-English 98
2015 Analysis on the Acquired Communicative Competencies of Grade Seven Students in English During SY 2015-2016 Abadilla, Jelyn Marie M.

Lopez, Jubeth C.

2017 Types of Aggression: Basis for Behavior Modification Programs Bautista, Ma. Fhel C.

Palino, Mae Anne A.

Soria, Eschelle Diana C.

2017 Knowledge on Sound Patterns: Basis for a Proposed E-Handbook of Speech Exercises Cavite, Gerald Z.

Ranas, Ella Mae M.

BSEd-English 95
2017 Parents Communication Style in the Adopted Community of Maryhill College Brillon, MaryLou A.

Cunanan, Lylie R.

BSE-Values Education 94
2017 Variations of light as an alternative source in the propagation of fruit –bearing plants Pacinos, Juvelyn C.

Rivera, Jolly R.

BSED-Biological Science 93
2017 Professional Chefs Preference On The Quality Of Cassava As All-Purpose Pasta Batocabe, Shiela May B.

Saldo, Jherlyn L.

2017 A School-Based Therapeutic Play Intervention For Improving Academic And Classroom Behavior Achievement Purposively To The Selected Grade II Pupils In Maryhill College Cubida, Lenny M.

De Leon, Cheryl Ann A.

Oxina, Camille A.

2017 Essay Assessment For Students Writing Competences Baluyo, Analie

Himor, Rushelle Monica

Sagala, Janica

2017 Analysis The Implementation Of An E-Strategy On Realiv, Speawrit (Reading, Listening, Viewing, Speaking And Writing Abuel, Faye Buenaflor

Cabuya, Ricah Rey

Pena, Shien

2017 Least And Dominant Factors Affecting Pronunciations Slipups Of Students In School Activities Siongco, Gian Carlo G.

Anda, Beverly

Ranola, Sandra Lei

2017 Bullying: Its Impact On Students Self-Concept Dungan, Kristine C.

Villatuya, Lovely Rose O.

Vital, Kristine Kaye A.

2017 Study Habits And Attitude: Basis For Continuous Improvement Monitoring Program Permijo, Rosanna P.

Plata, Camille

2017 Level Of Students And Teachers Satisfaction In The Use Of Motivational Strategies In Teaching Philippine History: Basis For Proposed Teacher Training Program Albitos, Jessica H.

Burce, Sinelyn C.

2017 M.E.D.I.A. (Managing Effective Digital Information Awareness) Seminar: Enhancing Students Awareness On The Ethics Of Social Networking Diala, Rachel C.

Magsino, Maria Kamel

Razo, Frances Joy B.

2017 Comparative Study Of Selected Private And Public Secondary High School On The Mastery Level Of Students In Studying Ancient Civilization In Asia: Basis For Effective Instructional Materials Bobon, Patrizia Junielle

Ojenal, Marjorie E.

Rosales, Jackelyn O.

BSEd 83
2017 Tutoring: Its Impact In The Academic Achievement Of Grade School Pupils In Maryhill College Abdon, Jovelyn E.

Dotado, Mariel T.

2017 Correlational Analysis On The 3-Year National Achievement Test Result And Academic Performance: Basis For Proposed Teachers Incentive Program And Pupils Almeyda, Darlene Jane

Nucom, Bianca Michaela C.

Sabida, Camille D.


2017 Canteen Personnel’s Food Safety Knowledge And Practices Dela Austria, Joyce Ann G.

Mangahas, jonalyn L.

Salvosa, Portia Camille

2017 Linguistic Features In Short Message Service (Sms) And Messenger As Used By The English Majors And Fourth Year Bachelor Of Elementary Education Students Of Maryhill College, Lucena City Caya, Anjanette M.

Pines, Iris Marie B.

Sumilang, Ma. Cecilia M.

BSED-English 79
2017 Plant And Sell System (PASS) A Livelihood Project For The Selected Beneficiaries Of The Adopted Community Of Maryhill College Quidor, Joanne carol A.

Yupio, Roma Czarina R.

2017 The Relationship Of Socioeconomic Status On The Vocabulary Development Of Grade 3 Pupils Dotado, Joyce Anne

Montero, Jessica

Sese, Irish Marion

2017 Assessment On The Level Of English Proficiency Among Grade Two Pupils Of Maryhill College Colendra, Alexndra I.

Evangelista, Ella Marie

Ilagan, Shancyzra C.

2017 Delivery Of Health Services In Padre Burgos Municipal Health Office Custodio, Jane Lindsay

Quinto, Oliver P.

Rogelio, Marisol

BSE-Social Studies 75
2017 Kindergarten Pupils Socio Emotional Skills Instructional Materials In Promoting Self-Help And Social Emotional Scales Portillano, Portia Miles

Marquez, Aldren

Villaverde, Reneil

BSE 74
2017 Extent Of Compliance Of Selected Public Schools In Lucena City To The PWD Laws Alegre, Ma. Zoila A.

Guya, John Michael I.

Santander, Donnabel E.

BSE-Social Studies 73
2017 Evaluation Of Standard-Based Grading System As An Assessment Palomata, Anvie Joy S.

Tamo, Mayvel G.

BSE-Social Studies 72
2017 An Observational Approach on conformity level and behavioral indicators of Marian Students on Solid Waste Management System Parafina, Marecel M.

Reyes, Camille J.


2017 Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program As A Poverty Reduction Strategy: An Assessment Inojosa, Dina O.

Macenas, Avelyn N.

Nunez, Cherry May I

BSE-Social Studies 70
2017 The Level Of Knowledge Of People Of Lucena On Its History And Cultural Heritage Aguado, John Kenneth L.

Manaog, Anne Lindsay A.

BSE-Social Studies 69
2017 The Mastery Level Of Grade 8 Students In Philippine Literature Heroes Reynoso, Cheska H.

Gaspar, Jane Bernadette Xenia D.

BSE-English 68
2017 The Effectiveness Of Taro Products In Improving The Selected Students In Maryhill College Higher Education Department Alimario, Julie Ann

Pagkatipunan, Noemi

Papina, Jessica P.

2017 Competency Level In Creative Writing Activities Of Grade 4 Pupils In Maryhill College Dino, Glaicel R.

Noblefranca, Meryl

Paz, Patricia Mae D.

2017 Relationship study of College academic achievement and performance in Licensure Examination Deza, Ma. Zennia Ann Charmaine R.

Valencia, Gabrielle M.

2017 L.E.A.F Charcoal Localized Effective Attainable Fuel Easing Meal Expenditures Buenaobra, John Patrick

Flores, Christine Abigail

Lopez, Trisha

2017 Problem solving skills of grade four pupils in mathematics Lorilla, Shaira P.

Sanchez, Angelica J.

2017 Pupils Knowledge on Child Protection: a comparative study among public school and private school Caponpon, Lirio J.

Gaurano, Marie Joy M.

Villocillo, Rizza D.

2016 Job Competency Evaluation Of BSBA And BSA Graduates Basis For Seminar/Workshop On Skills Enhancement Amada, Marvin F.

De Jesus, Jessica Ann A.

Jimenea, Jessa A.

2016 The Effects Of Nutritional Breakfast On The Classroom Performance Of Selected Grade III Pupils Diala, Roy Vincent P.

Leal, Thaddeus L.

2016 Witnessing the Maryhill College Core Values Alay, Marilou D.

Malbog, Randal Ross D.

BSE Values Education 59
2016 The ODC Strategy: Determinant in English Proficiency Abenoja, Hannah Grace F.

Edad, Maria Anngielyn R.

BSE English 58
2016 Numeracy Skills Of The Intellectually Challenged Pupils: Basis For A Corresponding Packet Guide Jimenez, Janica M.

Sentileces, Nievalyn O.

2016 The Teachers Performance Appraisal Of The Basic Education Department Of Maryhill College: A Basis For 5years Skills Training And Development Program Gilbuena, Joan J.

Jusi, Josie M.

2016 Nutritional Status And Its Relationship On The Academic Performance In Selected Grade Seven Students Of Lucena Dalahican National High School Soriano, Tetchian H.


Tabora, Princess Sara Jane

2016 Employment Status Of The College Of Teacher Education Graduates: Basis For A Proposed Alumni Directory Ilagan, Kristine C.

Jaudines, Ydes Nina

2016 Grade 9 Students’ Mastery In Studying World History: An Assessment Doloroso, Ma. Patrisha L.

Macinas, Maevilyn B.

BSE 53
2016 The Effects Of Sounds On The Concentrations Of Students: A Quasi-Experimental Study Briones, Wella May

Ombrete, Jarell Anne C.

2016 Academic Achievement And Related Factors Of Learning Among Grade 8 Students In Maryhill College Alcantara, Jezel A. BSE-English 51
2016 The Impact of class size in the teaching performance of grade 3 teachers Cuarez, Bernanrd P.

Montilla, Christine Joy L.

2015 A Comparative Study Of Approaches In Teaching Current Issues In Sectarian And Non-Sectarian Secondary Schools: Basis For Creating Seminar Workshop Baro, Charo B.

Guerra, Edel Joy

2015 The Use Of Online Games And Its Perceived Effects On Grade Vi Pupils Classroom Performance Ortigoza, Jasmine

Tagaya, Carlo C.

2015 Perceived Skills In English Through Educational Media: Basis For A Three Year Development Plan Cadag, Cassandra Jean

Carabido, Czarina Joy

2015 Bullying among female seventh grade students of Maryhill College Jaca, Ralph Christopher BSED 46
2015 Predictors Of Students Stage Fright: Basis For A Speech Training Program SY 2014-2015 Javelosa, Ma. Princess

Peranco, Jeffany S.

BSE 45
2015 Managing Handwriting difficulties of grade 1 pupils: an intervention material on handwriting exercises Acuavera, Abegail M.

Lacorte, Joie Ellaine T.

2015 Classroom management: a motivating factor for kinder 1 learners Abuan, Rovi Nina L.

Lopez, Jubeth C.

2015 Enhancing The Readiness Of Grade One Pupils: Basis For Innovation Tan, Gretchen P. BEED 42
2015 Analysis Of The Pretest And Posttest Results In Mathematics Proposed Enrichment Program For Grade Six Students Cerdena, Jonathan Karlo P. BEED 41
2014 Maintaining Academic Standing And Performing Work Load Of Selected College Students In Maryhill College Ferreras, Lovely E. BSE-English 40
2014 Intensive Reading Program In Reading Comprehension Among Grade Three Pupils In Maryhill College Grecia, Aireen L.

Gutlay, Corazon P.

2014 The Level Of Preparedness Of Maryhill College For K12 Program: Basis For 3year Development Plan SY 2014-2015 Galac, Kristine

Ricamara, Karla Monique

BSE-English 38
2014 Rubrics Utilization In Assessing Writing And Speaking Activities Of Students As Perceived By Selected Third Year Teachers Of English Nato, Dessa Lyn S. BSE 37
2014 Commonly Distorted Words Used In Texting: Basis For The Development Of Spelling Guide Barredo, Joenel T. BSED-English 36
2014 Variables That Affect Motivation In Learning English Language Sadiwa, Christopher L.

Villanueva, Ronald D.

BSED-English 35
2013 The learning Activities and perceived benefits for teaching mother tongue based education Catibog, Leni jane M. BEEd 34
2013 Determinants In Learning Biology Mogro, Jorgedand H. BSE-Biological Science 33
2012 Levels Writing Ability: Basis for writing activity Alcoreza, Annie Celita S. BEED 32
2012 Communicative Language Teaching Augments English Language Proficiency Enriquez, Aizel Q. BSE-English 31
2012 Teaching Competencies Of Pre-Service And In-Service Teachers: An Assessment Padua, Jordan BSE-English 30
2012 Instructional Materials Used in Teaching Social Studies Marquez, Edeson BSED-English 29
2012 English Performance: basis for English Proficiency Test Sebuja, Clarisse Ann D. BSED-English 28
2012 Traditional Method And Computer Based Instruction In Biology: A Comparison On Students Achievement Reyes, Jonathan BSE-Science 27
2012 Satisfaction On The Leadership Style Of Marian Generation Council Of Officers And Implementation Of Activities Desuyo, Rowena S. BSE-Values Education 26
2012 Action Songs: A Strategy To Improved Speaking And Listening Skills Apura, Recca Kinz P. BEED 25
2012 Social Networking: Its Influence On Student Adult Relationship Hernandez, Bernadette D. BSED-Values Education 24
2012 Reading Difficulties Among Grade One Pupils Rosales, Perry Joy L. BEED 23
2012 Learning social studies: a student perception Barrantes, Marjodette BSE-Social Studies 22
2012 Outreach program: an evaluation Perez, Amie Q. BSE values Education 21
2012 Instructional materials used in teaching social studies Marquez, Edeson A. BSE Social Studies 20
2012 Psychological Profile of students with Migrant parents basis for intervention program Magsino, Jessica C. BSE Values Education 19
2011 Job Satisfaction of San Roque Parochial School Teachers Valdejueza, Mary Grace C. BEED 18
2011 Non-Intelligible Factors Of Learning Versus Teaching Strategies Avila, Dulce D. BEED 17
2011 Essential Elements In Cooperative Learning As A Strategy In Teaching Deocales, Joan M. BSE-Social Studies 16
2011 Skills Development For Comprehension Of First Year Students Noynay, Mary Antonette BSE-English 15
2011 Perceptual Puzzle: Motivating Techniques In Technique In Teaching Biological Science Manalo, Mildred G. BSE-Biological Science 14
2011 Perceived factors that affect the time management of working scholars in Maryhill College Ludovice, Joanne BEED 13
2011 Understanding by design implementation in science instruction for freshman Formigones, Vicente B. BSED-Biological Science 12
2011 Higher Order Thinking Skills an Advocacy for Teaching Mathematics as Perceived by Elementary Math Teachers Ramos, Cristine Joy BSED-English 11
2011 Sentence writing errors committed by high school students Tipura, Erklister D. BSED 10
2011 Perceived Factors that affect the time management of working scholars in Maryhill College Ludovice, Joanne C. BEED 9
2011 Media and information service: basis for Maryhill College Library Department Pastrana, maricel R. BEED 8
2011 Common Errors in writing composition among second year high school students of Maryhill College Perina, Mary Rose BSED-English 7
2011 Common errors in reading among grade one pupils Ramilo, Analiza D. BEED 6
2010 Development of interactive skills in English through simulation activities among First year High School Cadiz, Richard A. BSE-English 5
2010 Social studies learning: a perception among first year high school students Pornasdoro, Rojo D. BSE-Social Studies 4
2010 Strategic Intervention Materials Intensity cognitive skills of Grade two pupils in English Salomon, Dionalyn O. BEED 3
2010 Charts and posters promote high classroom motivation in early childhood as perceived by Pre-school teachers Zoleta, Mary Rose C. BEED 2
2010 Cursive handwriting for grade three pupils basis for penmanship program Alcaraz, Beverly B. BEED 1




















Maryhill College Inc.

Higher Education Department

College Library


List of Feasibility BSA

Year Title Author(s) Course No.
2011 Financial Statement analysis of St. Jude Memorial Service for the Year 2008-2009 Ofrecio, Michelle E. BSA 5
2012 Challenges in Improving the loan collection strategies of Koopnaman Multipurpose cooperative Luistro, Maria Melissa BSA 4
2011 Financial Analysis of Lucena Micron Auto Supply for the period 2008-2010 Arguelles, Rea Rose BSA 3
2012 Cost Benefit Analysis of Marilou’s Mart Plant Expansion Paler, Maricar M.

Gilbuena, Geraldine Rose A.

2010 Financial Analysis of Lucena Diocesan Multipurpose Cooperative for the Period 2006-2008 Amparo, Wilbert M. BSBA 1
























Maryhill College Inc.

Higher Education Department

College Library


List of Feasibility BSBA

Year Title Author(s) Course No
2011 Veggie Meat: a retail burger house and eatery business Maladaga, Sybil L.

Valdoria, Erna Richzyl V.

Villapando, Arcel R.

BSBA-Marketing Management 1
2010 Marketing The CD Album through Media: a perspective of High School Students Moje, Geraldine T. BA Advertising Management 2
2011 Kiosk Business: a Strategized Franchised Food Service Industry in Lucena City Clamor, Madonna Laura D. BSBA-Marketing Management 3
2010 A Feasibility Study of a Filipino Food Restaurant (100% Pinoy Food Restaurant) in Lucena City Solina, Alaisa

Gonzales, Rose Ann

Umali, Joven

Zoleta, Jo Marie

Carmona, Ariana Rasel

De Castro, Kristal Chelo

Decuzar, Denzil Dominic

BSBA-Marketing 4
2012 Fruity-Zhellian Coconut Attack: Retail Store and Mobile Services Fabian, Sheryl Anne

Gatchalian, Kristelle DM



2012 Hugis at Kulay: Heat Press Printing Uy, Fatima A.

Valdoria, Vanessa Aira

BSBA-Marketing Management 6
2013 Work Commitment: Part time and full time employee of GSIS Lucena Branch Valdoria, Vanessa Aira Z. BSBA-Human Resource Management 7
2013 Effectiveness of Recruitment and Selection Process in St. Joseph Academy Sariaya, Quezon Caraig, Lizel L. BSBA-Human Resource Development Management 8
2013 Training and development practices in Quezon National High School Lucena City Villanueva, Rica P. BSBA-Human Resource Development Management 9
2014 Cru-Les Pancake club Cruzabra, John Rodel

Ingles, Benny Lyn

BSBA Marketing Management 10
2013 Workplace stress of the Employees in Local Government (LGU) of Sariaya Quezon De Luna, Roxanne Paola L. BSBA-Human Resource Development Management 11
2016 Sales Promotion as Marketing Strategy of Selected Retail Stores at the Pacific Mall: An Evaluation Masinag, Jelly C.

Ramos, Angelica S.

BSBA-Marketing Management 12
2015 Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) Lucena City Managers Management Skills: A Descriptive Survey Carabido, Emmalou BSBA-Human Resource Development Management 13
2015 A Study on the Relationship between Stress and Work Performance of the Higher Education Department of Faculty Maryhill College Lucena City Dudas, Russhel V. BSBA-Human Resource Development Management 14
2015 Preferred Motorcycle Brands of Metro Pacific TODA Tricycle Drivers De Guzman, Jeric C.

Marin, Anna M.

BSBA Marketing Management 15
2012 Honey House: Pastries and Coffee Escartin, Elma C.

Perez, Clare

BSBA Marketing Management 16
2013 Steamed Burgers Food House Mirabueno, Ryan A.

Guano, Sean Patrick Antonio

BSBA Marketing Management 17
2013 Problems Encountered in the Use of Computer Technology in Quezon Lending Center LBP Lucena Branch Marjes, Shyra May G. BSBA-Human Resource Development Management 18
2015 Students Mobile Phone Simcard of Maryhill College Tertiary Students Abanilla, Twinkle Jane U.

Ramilo, Miradel D.

BSBA Marketing Management 19
2015 Preferred Mobile Simcard of Maryhill College Tertiary Students Sumilang, Ma. Donna M.

Villania, Ma. Ansherina S.

BSBA Marketing Management 20
2014 Grin Soy: A Retail Store of Soy Based Products Sales, Jonie F.

Aniciete, Marc Loren B.

BSBA Marketing Management 21
2015 Tertiary Schools Preferred by Fourth Year High School Students of Maryhill College, SY 2013-2014 Royola, Jan Raymon

Guano, Symon Theodore R.

BSBA Marketing Management 22
2016 Extent of Implementation of the Marketing Strategies Employed by SM Lucena: An Assessment Jovellano, Vea O.

Manlangit, Karrol G.

BSBA Marketing Management 23
2015 Preferred Tertiary School by Parents of High School Students from the Graduating Class of 2014-2015 of Maryhill College Sales, Mark Anthony

Laquio, Dennis R.

BSBA Marketing Management 24
2015 Preference of Cotta Residents Between Jollibee and McDonalds as Fast Food Restaurant Bagnes, Jay Ar M.

Daisog, Joy Ann R.

BSBA Marketing Management 25
2012 Food Trip: A Merienda House Maceo, Kristine Angeli D.

Vidal, Chona A.

BSBA Marketing Management 26
2012 Agua Mentha Mineral Station Aguilar, Harold P.

Aguilar, Catherine A.

BSBA Marketing Management 27
2016 Recruitment and Selection Process of Security Agencies in Lucena City: An Assessment Catoy, Arabelle O.

Ebreo, Ma. Cristina M.

Mojico, Reinaselle B.

BSBA-Human Resource Development Management 28
2017 A Feasibility Study on Selling Eco Tote Bag M&S Macatantan, Marish P.

Padillo, Shen Mari

BSBA Financial Management 29
2015 Work Habits Manifested by the Employees of GSIS Lucena City Calvelo, Densel Ann S. BSBA-Human Resource Development Management 30
2018 A Feasibility Study of Balmbino Lip Care Cruz, Jasmine Jude A.

Pancho, Princess Diane M.

BSBA Financial Management 31
2018 A Feasibility Study of Innovative Pillow (JC Pillow) Agoncillo, Carmela L.

Comiso, Jahzeel R.

Dimalaluan, Manuel Kristian C.

BSBA Marketing Management 32
2018 A Feasibility Study on Selling RCG Leather Polish Cas II, Jose Larryville B.

Maranan, Gino D.

Rey, Christian L.

BSBA Financial Management 33
2017 Extent Of Human Resource Management Practices And Its Relationship On The Level Of Employees Performance Of Maryhill College Enelo, Christine Antonette

Fabian, Jay-Ar

BSBA-Human Resource Development Management 34
2017 Motivational Factors Affecting Metrobank Quezon Employees Lafuente, Phebe Lois

Odiver, Easter Sandra

BSBA-Human Resource Development Management 35
2017 United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB) Employees Behavior Toward Job Satisfaction Mendoza, Lovely Eunice

Villamor, Mary Joy

BSBA-Human Resource Development Management 36
March 2017 Job Satisfaction and Work Performance of Employee at Budget and Assessors office at Quezon Provincial Government in Lucena City Cabahug, Clarry Jean A.

Lincallo, Marinel M.

BSBA-Human Resource Development Management 37
2017 Organizational Reward System as Correlate to Organizational Performance of Quezon Medical Center Employee Royola, Cedrick Nino M.

De Guzman, Chyca Jade V

BSBA-Human Resource Development Management 38
2017 Work Performance and Job Satisfaction of Maryhill College HED Faculty Sinanggote, John Darrel D.

Zablan, Melvin Q.

BSBA-Human Resource Development Management 39
2017 A Feasibility Study on Selling New Dishwashing Liquid in the Market (Dish is it!) Traquena, Jhonniel R.

Marquez, Alisa

BSBA-Marketing Management 40
2017 Promotional Materials Used by Maryhill College: An assessment Coronel, Christine Ann O.

Ledesma, Nelson B.

Ragudo, Ian Christian F.

BSBA-Marketing Management 41
2017 Availment of Loyalty Cards: Its correlation to consumers buying behavior Guinto, Ammer John B.

Abejo, Rheychel Mae

Polintan, John Vincent P.

BSBA-Marketing Management 42
2017 Tracer Study of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Graduates in Maryhill College (2002-2015) Alzate, Gercee Mari P.

Mendoza, Dorothy Mae

Villanueva, Eunice

BSBA-Human Resource Development Management 43
2017 Influential factors affecting the academic performance of working students of Maryhill College, Inc. Genovana, Zayreen Mae

Lu, Michael Angelo A.

BSBA-Human Resource Development Management 44
2017 Promotional Strategies of Selected Boutiques in Lucena City: A Competitive advantage Merano, Joevit

Noble Ruel

BSBA-Marketing Management 45
2017 Marketing Strategies of DWM 103.9 Spirit FM: Evaluation Bronola, Beverly A.

Ababa, Gabriel P.

BSBA-Marketing Management 46
2017 Entrepreneurial Management Skills: Basis for a prototype model for young entrepreneur Degras, Relzond D.

Arances, Blessey D.

BSBA-Marketing Management 47
2017 Work Ethics and Work Performance of Working Students Under seeds program of Maryhill College Martelino, Rowel R.

Zoleta, Abegail O.

BSBA-Human Resource Development Management 48
2017 Evaluation of Marketing Students: Basis for designing a Five Year Training Program Giron, Sergio A.

Leyola, Arra Monaliza

Malabuyoc, Iris Claire T.

BSBA-Marketing Management 49
2017 Performance Evaluation of BED Teachings of Maryhill College and Its relationship to Employee Productivity Perez, Melissa F.

Suarez, Geraldine E.

BSBA-Human Resource Development Management 50
2016 Training and Development of Persons with Disability of the Visually Impaired brotherhood for excellent service Atienza, Jenirose A. BSBA-Human Resource Development Management 51
 2017 New Trends in Funeral Services among Selected Funeral Parlors in Lucena City: An Assessment Doce, Jovimae Marie BSBA-Marketing Management 52
2017 A Feasibility Study on Selling popsicle bracelets, coasters and frames (Woody Wood Picky) Malabatuan, Mara Jane

Reyes, Joanne L.

BSBA Financial Management 53
2017 Employee working condition and commitment among service providers in Lucena City Danez, Rose Ann M.

Faller, Marian Ley J.

BSBA-Human Resource Development Management 54
2017 A Feasbility Study on Selling Personalized Designed Mugs (Muggee Mugs) Labitoria, Mary Lynn

Licon, Mary Ann

BSBA Financial Management 55
2017 Extent of service quality rendered to customers by Selected hotel and resorts in Lucena City: an Analysis Dagal, Jan Enrie M.

Montegrande, Michelle S.

BSBA-Marketing Management 56
2017 Organizational Management and its impact to employee productivity of Maryhill College Banaag, Marah

Isles, Eunice Key

Reyes, Ronnie

BSBA-Human Resource Development Management 57
2017 The Effects of Service quality on Customers Loyalty of Selected Gasoline Stations in Lucena City Abrigo, Ferdinand A.

Ibasco, Charlie Mae

BSBA-Marketing Management 58
2017 Community Involvement as Marketing Strategy of Selected fast food restaurants in Lucena City Jusi, Iveeh B.

Pelicano, Dennis B.

BSBA-Marketing Management 59
2015 Level of Implementation on the roles of Management team in the training program: basis for vision strategies Peraz, Ronandy M. BSBA-Human Resource Development Management 60
2017 A Feasibility Study on Selling the Emoji Coin Purse and Pencil Case Belga, Vida Marie Jadi P.

Delos Reyes, John Rey P.

BSBA Financial Management 61
2018 Implementing Safety Training Requirements and Practices of Pro-Care Security Agency in Lucena City: An Assessment Jarnero, Jean Marianne W.

Noynay, Jenevieve D.

BSBA-Human Resource Development Management 62
2018 Feasibility Study on Selling Safety Shirt Alvarez, Mary France N.

Monteroso, Rea Camille S.

Ojenal, Christine Yvonne D.

BSBA Financial Management 63
2018 Feasibility Study of Customized Tote Bag J and M Tote Bag Medina, Jariz Rose V.

Pedrigosa, Monique R.

BSBA-Marketing Management 64
2018 A Feasibility Study on Selling Lux Scented Candles Eporac, Aizelle N.

Ramos, Vanessa R.

Selga, Jovani S.

BSBA Financial Management 65
2015 The Impact of DBP Lucena City Training Programs and its Importance to their Employees Pagkatipunan, Rafael R. BSBA-Human Resource Development Management 66
2016 A Proposed JMA Microfinance Enterprise Jaca, Marvin H.

Pellosis, Ma. Angela Clarissa P.

Tolentino, John Joseph A.

BSBA Financial Management 67
2017 A Feasibility Study on Selling Customized KeyChain U-Chain Arcega, Laika U.

Camota, Tricia Mae C.

Siudad, Sairein M.

BSBA Financial Management 68
2017 Impact of CCTV System on Selected Small and Medium Sizd Business Enterprises in Lucena City: An Assessment Arca, Erica Mae T.

Carandang, Marc Angelo R.

Purisima, Rondel C.

BSBA-Marketing Management 69
2017 Status of the Working Sholars in Terms of Academic & Co-Curricular Performance in Maryhill College: An Evaluation Castanas, Noel V.

Pasamba, Khristine Diane M.

BSBA-Marketing Management 70
2017 Overcoming Marketing Challenges Encounter by Selected Sole Proprietorships in Lucena City Fuentes, John Ric R.

Lagrama, Jannin A.

BSBA-Marketing Management 71
2017 Marketing Strategies of Selected Multi-Level Companies in Lucena City: An Assessment Galera, Myreen L.

Lutrania, Jezsrael F.

BSBA-Marketing Management 72
2016 Factors Influencing Consumers Habitual Buying Behavior at The Pacific Mall Wariza, Jhoana May L.

Macaraig, France Mae G.

BSBA-Marketing Management 73
2018 A Feasibility Study on Selling Buddy’z Bag Igloria, Dindo M.

Sacristia, Christian Joseph A.

BSBA-Marketing Management 74
2018 Implementing Safety Training Requirements and practices of Pro-Care Security Agency in Lucena City: An Assessment Jarnero, Jean Marianne W.

Noynay, Jenevieve D.


BSBA- 75
2018 Innovation of Handmade Powercord Bracelets Herrera, Jomari Joshua L.

Yanza, Maychelyn Rose B.

2018 Marketability on Selling Judies Wallets Caagbay, Judy Ann R.

Racelis, Judy Ann N.

2018 A Feasibility Study on Selling Lux Scented Candles Eporac, Aizelle N.

Ramos, Vanessa R.

Selga, Jovani S.

2018 Feasibility Study on Selling Miraculous Ant and Cockroach Bait Camara, Sigfred Oscar L.

Logmao, Oliver H.

BSBA-Financial Management 79
2018 A Feasibility Study on Selling Beadtastic Handcrafted Accessories Arazo, Abigail C.

Lechuga, Mary Grace A.

Madla, Renalyn

BSBA-Financial Management 80
2018 Managers Leadership Style and Level of Employees Morale of Landbank of the Philippines Jovellano, Dennis O.

Rocero, Ma. Azzeneth F.

BSBA-Human Resource Development Management 81
2018 Evaluation of Online Business Status Untiveros, Rachel Hannah

Salumbides, Francis S.

BSBA-Marketing Management 82
2018 A Feasibility Study on Selling Expression Bracelet Malinao, Marijean A.

Masilungan, Jeffrey M.

BSBA-Financial Management 83
2018 Employees Level of Job Satisfaction At National Food Autority Esclanda, Ezekiel A.

Manuel, Mary Grace R.

BSBA-Human Resource Development Management 84
2018 A Feasibility Study on Coco Shell Accessories Begalme, Michael John C.

Clarite, MarJerey R.

BSBA-Financial Management 85
2018 The Correlation of Managers’ Competencies to Organization Performance of Quezon Public School Teachers and Employee Credit Cooperative Jabrica, Princess Dianne E.

Manibo, April Joy

BSBA-Human Resource Development Management 86
2018 Suomi Lambanog Glogi Atienza, Bryan M.

Dumayas, Bernard Louis A.

Plata, Vince Rafael B.

BSBA-Marketing Management 87
2018 Competencies of Jollibee Fast Food Chain Managers: Its Impact to Employees Job Performaance Co, Kathleen Mae S.

Ibarrola, Danica P.

Veran, Shaira G.

BSBA-Human Resource Development Management 88
2018 Feasibility Study of Customized Innovative Hair Accessories (GM Hair Accessories) Balmes, Ian C.

Barraca, Gianne A.

Sanchez, Maribeth J.

BSBA-Marketing Management 89
2018 A Feasibility Study on Selling Novicous Solid Perfume Gonzales, Gil Anthony S.

Sadili, Kristine L.

BSBA-Financial Management 90
2018 A Feasibility Study on Selling Homemade Gel Air Freshener Amoyamore Malabuyoc, Ashley Kate T.

Magbanlac, John Errol D.

BSBA-Marketing Management 91
2018 Extent of Utilization of Sales Marketing Strategies by Selected Real Estate Agents Quilas, Jara Monique M.

Revelar, Mary Joy A.

Verdejo, Reynaldo A.

BSBA-Marketing Management 92
2018 Team Member Exchange and Work Engagement of Maryhill College Employees Mori, Spinesher R.

Pabellano, Ralph Leater B.

BSBA-Human Resource Development Management 93
2018 Working Condition as a Factor of Employees Productivity: Basis for Information Materials Baldovino, Diesel A.

Mangubat, Nica

Sanchez, Eloisa Marie S.

BSBA-Human Resource Development Management 94
2018 Time Management Practice and Employee Performance of Tayabas Community Multi-Purpose Cooperative Abracia, Lorainne

Aguirre, Mycel A.

BSBA-Human Resource Development Management 95
2018 Marketability of Beads Product Ardinel, Donnalyn D.

Anito, El-Lleza C.

BSBA-Marketing Management 96




























Maryhill College Inc.

Higher Education Department

College Library


List of Theses BSN

Date Title Author(s) Course No.
2012 Copping Mechanism Employed Among Hemodialysis Patients in Selected Hospitals in Lucena City Comintan, Aldrich Kenneth B.

Suapengco, Jery Pauline D.

2012 Student Nurses Level of Competence in the Delivery Room: An Assessment Francia,Ma. Erica Z.

Asensi, Marijoe F.

2015 Extent of Adherence of Diabetic Clients to treatment regimen basis for a proposed information education communication material Cordova, Jean Leslie O.

Mitra, Ivy Joyce L.

2014 Awareness of Wellness basis for Maryhill College Health Education Program Loto, Zayrah V.

Mendoza, Deniell A.

2014 Culture based self-management of pregnant women during prenatal care in selected barangay of lucena City Amion, Christian Jay R.

Maligaya, Emmanuel M.

Uy, Jevin T.

2014 Health Promoting behavior of teenage pregnant mothers: an Assessment Co, Rizza Yvonne P.

Manaog, Alexandra Faith

Minano, Vic Marjun E.

Pinpin, Princess Lyn O

2015 Level of Knowledge and extent of compliance of hypertensive clients in Purok Talisay Baranngay Talao-Talo, Lucena City Macaraig, Don Lance

Tejada, Rossanne B.

2015 Degree of effectiveness of Management in postpartum hemorrhage: basis for a proposed clinical pathway guide in Lucena City Escobar, Tracy Camille

Puno, Kristine C.

2014 Level of awareness on dengue prevention and control basis for a proposed family based intervention material Brigino, Lorraine Grace

Roadilla, Jemalyn Y

Yago, Chona M.

2015 School Performance assessment of selected Maryhill College students with Parents Working Abroad Antonio, Ma. Alyssa Arnie C.

Tesalona, Syrah R.

BSN 10
2015 Effectiveness of Malunggay in Improving the nutritional status of selected children in Purok Talisay, Baranngay Talao-Talo, Lucena City Babon, Jazel H.

Giron, Geraldine


BSN 11
2012 Extent of Compliance among clients with tuberculosis Belen, Alyssa Janelle N.

Ecal, Maicah S.

BSN 12
2012 Intraoperative competencies of student nurses Bebiro, Marielle Alexandrie

Edades, Rhea A.

BSN 13
2017 Effectiveness of Vinegar Steam Inhalation in Alleviating Common Colds of Selected Children in Brgy. 9 Lucena City Abaricia, Ariele U.

Anate, Daribel O.

BSN 14
2017 Home Made Serpentina Tea: an Alternatives Treatment for Diabetes Mellitus Calubayan, Jilimar B.

Canaria, Chole Anne P.

Uguil, Kim B.

BSN 15
2018 Level Of Preparedness and Performamnce on Summer Affiliation of the Senior BSN Students of Maryhill College An assessment Lajada, John Robert G.

Cea, Mikee Mitch B.

BSN 16
2018 Level of Preparedness and Performance on Summer Affiliation of the Senior BSN Students of Maryhill College: An Assessment Lajada, John Robert G.

Cea, Mikee Mitch B.

BSN 17



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