In celebration of Love Month, we asked you Marians, to “TELL US WHY YOU LOVE OUR LIBRARY”. And we’re grateful to know that Marians appreciates our Library and the Staff’s effort😊💚

We would like to recognize these following students with top posts -who posted their reason with their truest words, just to convey their genuine love for the library and reading. (though some of them gives description that are prohibited in the library 😂 sure-thing that it won’t happen again after you confess).
Congratulations! ❤📓

Marians, may you continue your passion for reading and keep patronizing our library. 💚🤓

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“Thank you Congresswoman Anna Villaraza-Suarez for donating these books for Maryhill College Library”

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Science 5 and Science 6 under Ms.Malou Agad explored the Kids Infobits provided by the BED Library

It provides educational online resources for young learners, an easy-to-use resource featuring broad range of educational topics to help teachers in their instruction.

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Information Literacy Program: Training on the use of Infobits

February 19, 2019

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Suggested Books to Read

Inspirational Books

Reference Books

General Circulation

Educational Magazines

  • Mathematics Builder
  • Talakasan
  • Kom. Sup. sa Filipino
  • News Explorer
  • Science Discoverer
  • English Enrichment
  • Potentials
  • Computer Tribune
  • Vitality

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